Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Break--Red Balloons

We are on Fall Break, and it should feel like a break, but there are things you can do to help reinforce the learning that has happened so far this year.  Here are a few ideas:

Traveling?  In the Car:
  • Listen and sing along with your "Red Balloons" CD.
  • Practice audiation by singing different familiar songs and having them leave out a line (we will sing "B-I-N-G-O-" next semester.  It is a great example of audiation and rhythm practice!)
  • As you listen to any music, see if you and your kids can find any "mi-re-do's" or "so-so-do's" in the songs.  You could turn it into a game.
  • Name that tune.  Pick their favorite songs (from LPM or anywhere) and see how many notes they need to identify the song.
  • Go on a lion hunt!  Keep the rhythm and say the rhyme.  Let them change up the words.  "Going on a snake hunt?"  "Got my lunch!" etc. 
At home:
  • Make sure they have access to their bells and can practice the activities we have done in class.
  • The students love games like "frog in the middle," and "a hunting we will go".  You can play these as a family, or with friends.  Remind them to sing as they play and help them remember the mi-re-do or so-so-do patterns.
  • Take this chance to review any homework assignments that were challenging for your student.  Especially helping them to recognize if a note/balloon is on a line or a space.
  • Any of the traveling tips could be done at home as well!
We'll see you back in class on the 20th!

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